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The last edition of the CMPF had an exhibition area of about 60,000 square meters and hosted nearly 1000 exhibitors. Furthermore, according to statistics provided by the organisers of the expo, the show attracted over 36,000 professional visitors and international purchasers from all over the world. The CMPF occurs twice a year in different cities around China.


Chinese motorcycle parts


I once read an article that asked the question “do BMW 650cc riders know that the engine they are sitting on is made in China?” This sarcastic comment is typical of the reputation (maybe partly deserved) that Chinese motorcycle part manufacturing has acquired. A visit to the CMPF will reveal that several Chinese OEMs are making parts for the most popular and high end brands from Europe. The truth of the matter is that although Chinese motorcycle manufacturers do not yet utilise the very best quality parts products, it’s because it is their choice not to. China has specialised in affordable commuters that have no reason to contain state of the art, high end pieces. At the CMPF it becomes obvious that this does not mean that the Chinese cannot produce such parts, they just do it for companies from other countries including UK, America, Germany, Italy, France, South Korea, Taiwan and India.

Different levels of quality


Mr. Deng of DNA Motorparts reports “the myth that the Chinese only make lower quality products is indeed a fallacy. Chinese motorcycle parts come in 4 different grades; the highest grade parts are made for top end European and Japanese models and you’d be surprised how many of the European motorcycle companies have a decent percentage of their bikes made in China. The second grade is for motorcycle manufacturers in Taiwan, India and South Korea. In some cases the whole motorcycle is made in China but that’s never mentioned when it’s for sale. The 3rd class is mainly used in Latin America, other Asian countries and North Africa. The lower quality parts are mainly shipped to Sub-Saharan Africa for the cheaper units. Our company provides the right products for the right customers and our customers include some of the most well-known motorcycle brands in the world as well as providing a service for the smaller customers and also customers in developing countries.”

Meet the manufacturers


One regular fair goer from Russia reported “This expo really is all I need to visit in the year. It has such a range of parts and accessories that I no longer bother going to Canton fair. I think the main difference between Canton fair and CMPF is that most of the parts exhibitors at Canton fair are traders whereas here at the CMPF you find the actual manufacturers as well as traders.

If you are unable to attend the fair but would like some help with importing motorcycle parts please write to our English language coordinator at


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